Album: Demo 2006 (2010)

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Song: Cannibalistic Autopsy

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Chaos Cycle is Death Metal band hailing from Northern Mindanao, Philippines started way back in 2004. Playing in heavy influences from Morbid Angel, Benediction, Sinister, and Avulsed. The band is one of the strong pioneers of Cagayan de Oro underground metal scene and had been playing/touring some cities in the country; Davao, Iligan, and recently in Cebu.

The first circa; (Khin, Dudz, Enmers, Emman) has released couple of demos and a maiden split CD under independent underground labels. Their single "Slaughter You" has been included in few underground metal compilations and gained positive response from elite media and supporters. The band has been through line up changes over its existence. Last known line up is composed of Khin - vocals, Dudz - Drums, Emman - Bass, Mckoy - Guitars.

In these days, the band is still on its feet despite of the member's personal stuffs and day jobs. Currently, the present line up is working on new materials and will be entering the studio to record anytime soon and looking for a label to release their first full-length.